Wednesday, February 17, 2016

can, could and may

Here is a basic way to use can, could and may 
(these are called modal verbs)

We use can when we are more certain that something will happen. Please read the example below:

Tokyo can be very hot and humid in August so it's good to drink a lot of water. ~ This happens, it is true

We use could may something is possible, but not so certain. Please read the example below:

It could may be very hot next week, be sure to bring lots of water to work. ~ There is a chance that next week will be hot, but it's not 100% certain

Here are some more examples:

"Nuclear power can be dangerous." ~ There are some examples of problems caused by nuclear power plants so we know this is true

"It could may be cold tonight so bring a sweater." ~ There is a chance that tonight will be cold

Make a few of your own examples! Write about what you know :)

In March the ice on the lake can crack, so be careful!

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