The weather is getting hotter! - comparative form

The weather is getting hotter! I thought today would be a good chance to review comparative form.

-Mike is taller than my brother.
The book is usually more interesting than the movie.
Taller and more interesting are comparative form.
Here is a simple rule for using adjectives to compare two things.
One Syllable Adjectives
add '-er' to end of the adjective.
Example: cheap - cheaper / hot - hotter / high - higher
"Yesterday was hotter than today."
"This computer is cheaper than that computer."
Two Syllable Adjectives Ending in '-y'
add '-ier' to end of the adjective.
Example: happy - happier / friendly - friendlier
"I am happier than you. "
"Scott is friendlier than Fred."
Other 2-syllable adjectives and adjectives with 3 or more syllables
use more + the adjective.
Example: interesting - careful / more careful more interesting / difficult - more difficult
"The shopping malls are always more crowded just before Christmas."
"Tokyo is more expensive than Toronto."

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