Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do you know what a "Time Zone" is? How about "Jet Lag" ?

The world cup starts today! Today is June 12th in Japan, but maybe not yet where you live! Different places around the world have different times and dates. These different areas of time are called time zones in English. Canada has 5 time zones but Japan only has 1. My family in Canada are in a time zone that is 12 or 13 hours earlier than Tokyo. I live in the future!

What time zone do you live in? Do you travel? If you fly across time zones you may suffer from a condition we call jet lag in English.

jet lag

the feeling of being tired and slightly confused after a long plane journey, especially when there is a big difference in the time at the place you leave and that at the place you arrive in
I'm still suffering from jet lag after my trip to Australia.
Click for Oxford page with jet lag.
The World Cup is in Brazil. How many time zones are there in Brazil? Do you have to stay up late to watch your country play? Do you have to get up early? Do you like football/soccer? When was the last time you experienced jet lag? I have flown from Toronto to Sao Paulo 3 times but the time difference is only 1 hour so no jet lag! YAY!

"I love to travel but I don't like jet lag!"
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