World Cup vocabulary! Goal - other uses

More World Cup English! The word goal has 3 main uses in English. Two are from sports and one is about our future plans or dreams. Read below to find the meanings!


1 (in sportsa frame with a net into which players must kick or hit the ball in order to score a pointHe headed the ball into an open goal (= one that had nobody defending it).Who is in goal(= is the goalkeeper ) for Arsenal?

2 the act of kicking or hitting the ball into the goal; a point that is scored for thisThe winning goal was scored by Hill.Liverpool won by three goals to one.United conceded two goals in the first half.a penalty goal
"Another goal for Team Canada!" (Of course hockey, not football!)
3 something that you hope to achieve
 aimto work towards a goalto achieve/attain a goalYou need to set yourself some long-term goals.Our ultimate goal must be the preservation of the environment.

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