English expressions Must see/have/own etc.

In my May 27 2014 blog post we read a story about a rice cooker from Taiwan. The rice cooker was described as "a must-have gadget" in the story. We learned the meaning too!

must-have adjective - something you need to have.

One my blog readers wanted to to use must with another verb to show something you should do, and they asked me if it was okay. What a great question! The answer is YES :) Some common uses are must-have, must-see and must-read but there are others too.

must-see/must-read/must-have, etc.

used to tell people that something is so good or interesting that they should see, read, get it, etc.
Sydney is one of the world's must-see cities.The magazine is a must-read in the show business world.This is on my must-do list.a must-have for any fan

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