Making a schedule - setting time to study English

Hello to all my students, followers and friends. 
Today I want to show you why it's important to have a schedule:

Next I want to share with you a strategy that you can use to make your own schedule, and an app I use on my computer, smartphone and tablet PC to keep my schedule organized.

Very basic! How to make a schedule - WikiHow is a great resource and the language is simple making it perfect for English students. This link will take you to the WikiHow page explaining how to make a schedule:

Click for webpage

Last here is an app that I find really helpful to schedule my tasks. Work, exercise, shopping and of course my own language study! It's helpful and it's FREE. I hope it can be helpful for you too!

Click for webpage

Do you make a schedule? Please share your ideas or tips in the comment section below with your fellow language students :)

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