2013's most popular trending YouTube video and the English we can learn from it

2013 – A year in review

Hello my happy English learners! Let’s look back at 2013 and improve our English skills at the same time.

YouTube’s most watched (trending) video of 2013 was:

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

In this song the lyrics use a very common English expression when we talk 
about a sound made by an animal. 

“Dog goes woof.” = ‘woof’ is the sound that a dog makes.
“Cat goes meow.” = ‘meow’ is the sound that a cat makes.
When are talking about an animal’s voice or the noise they make, we use the verb GO.

*In Canada we say a pig goes ‘oink oink’ but in Japan they say a pig goes ‘buu buu.’ How about your country?

-We can also use GO for reported speech – reporting something that was said by another person – but this is very informal. I used it when I was much younger with my friends, usually telling an exciting or emotional story.
“I was standing outside the bathroom and a teacher goes ‘Shouldn’t you be in class?’ and I go ‘This is my lunch period, why are you bothering me!’ and then I went to the library.”
“The movie was so cool! Arnold Schwarzenegger looks at the cop and then he goes ‘I’ll be back.’ “

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