Understand this easily confused English sentence pattern - Double negatives pt. 1

Double negatives

I was reading a book the other day. In the book, a university student says: "There is nothing I can't do."

This is one correct way we can use 2 negative words in a sentence. 

"There is nothing I can't do." ✅

Nothing = no thing. Can't = can not.
 This is the same as saying "I can do anything."

If we change the sentence pattern a little the sentence 
becomes (grammatically) incorrect.

"I can't do nothing." 🆇

In this sentence pattern, the 2 negatives 
would actually make a positive.

Remember Nothing = no thing. Can't = can not. So this sentence is saying "I can not do no thing." If you can't do no thing, then can you do something

This is strange English for conversation?!?!

Now song lyrics sometimes do use a double negative for effect, but again we don't use in conversation. If you told me you "can't get no satisfaction" I would correct your grammar. 

But if you sang...

 ♪ I can't get no.... satisfaction 

I would understand that the incorrect grammar makes the song more interesting! ♫♫

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